Wednesday :: Jul 22, 2009

Dr. Regina Benjamin, Surgeon General Nominee

by paradox

I have a very serious essay to write this morning on possible terminal US Democracy dysfunction (failure to pass healthcare empirically demonstrates it) but an even more urgent subject has slammed across my consciousness today--if that were somehow possible--a task of sickening, odious revulsion that must be handled right now and is surely a marker of gross civil dysfunction as a possible failure to pass real healthcare reform.

These…these…sickos at Fox News are attacking our Surgeon General nominee as too overweight, as “too fat” for the post. One of their guests at the show had on a “No Chubbies” t-shirt in the most lowlife episode I have ever heard about from these total scumbags. It isn’t among the worst these slime have ever inflicted upon the rest of us, Dr. Marshall, it surely the most repulsive act the jackals have ever performed on one of our people.

Amanda Marcotte is a far more qualified voice and soul I implicitly trust on matters like this, who of course already wrote about it when this unbelievably foul and cruel political tactic was festering sickly in right-wing comment threads, which is usually where the grossly psychotic and embarrassing to America/Humanity ideas and tactics like this die or are hidden as soon as possible. Amanda hesitated to respond, knowing comment threads are a shaky basis to demonstrate what a political group is thinking, but again she was dead correct on in thinking that was the case here.

Not only did this unbelievably foul and cruel tactic make it to the jackals at Fox News, Ms. Marcotte, in a blander dressed-up form the filthy baton was duly picked up by ABC News. The Mighty Wurlitzer, your Right Wing Noise Machine, who freaking dares to stand among us and say it does not exist? The same crazy 15%-of-the-population loons who pass this filth on about Dr. Benjamin and whine about Sarah Palin’s media treatment, of course, but absolutely no one else.

After reading Ms. Marcotte’s post I only had one comment, a sense of outrage and anger at the base mean cruelty of it all, where on Earth did it ever enter the heads of any our men that behavior like this was acceptable? Since the jackals and goons in our horribly dysfunctional media continue this unbelievably foul story and political tactic then I will freaking continue my observations in the matter, vastly incredulous that I still need to explain my revulsion or the issue at all, sickos at Fox and ABC News, God how far and low American politics has sunk.

The idea I am some saintly authority with the moral obligation to tell others what to do is laughable. This isn’t political morality, it’s sick cruelty, and it cannot continue in American politics.

I hope the sick bastards at Fox and ABC News get immediate therapy and counseling, whatever mental disease they’ve got I’m not catching, for I’m never watching either network again. I am dazed and disbelieving at the necessity of this, I cannot believe it’s necessary to explain female candidates cannot be publicly derided for alleged weight issues, we can’t do that, isn’t the horrible screaming mean cruelty of it obvious, how would any of us want anyone to go through something like that?

I am seriously embarrassed—to the point of being humiliated—as an American when I think of facing Dr. Benjamin and trying to explain this. There is no explanation except psychotic sickness, Dr. Benjamin, we’re obviously in some extremely tough times as a country and the stresses have brought about disgusting new regressions in the media and Republicans.

I hope the goons at Fox and ABC News, plus that loathsome little slimeball “No Chubbies” t-shirt Michael Karolchyk, are cautious folks and lay low for a few weeks. Dr. Benjamin has a family and fiercely close friends, I’m positive, with a Father and brothers and uncles and nephews, all proud men who won’t put with Dr. Benjamin being treated like this on any level. I still can’t believe it’s necessary to explain this either, Fox and ABC News, anything could happen, seriously, so I wouldn’t dare be any more provocative to Ms. Benjamin's family after today.

As an American male I’d like to offer my apologies of utmost heartfelt sincerity this ever happened, Dr. Benjamin. I’ve been working my ass off for seven years to defeat the political opposition this represents but I’d never, ever think they’d sink this low. My bafflement and sorrow knows no bounds, there is nothing here but awful political sickness, Dr. Benjamin, nothing, and I wish you a wonderful American journey of joy and peace, with all my heart I wish that very much.

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