Friday :: Jul 24, 2009

At Least Obama Called Us Bloggers

by paradox

A great deal has been going on in the last two weeks, to be sure, so the relatively momentous Obama conference call among the unruly pajama-clad grenade-throwing leftist bloggers was and has been remarkably un-discussed. It’s a big deal, no doubt at all, as far as I know it’s the very first time the Obama administration directly engaged with bloggers as part of a legislative strategy. Heretofore us obstreperous, un-mannered little people commie bloggers had been studiously ignored in the very approved DC Establishment practice of Flipping off the Left™, it’s always good politics.

Among the extremely loose existing confederation of bloggers—more than a few groan at the impetuous inclusion of combative, profane me among their civilized selves, oh well—perhaps there was an instant, almost-telepathic knowledge that exploring the topic is very very touchy, before the content of the call could be discussed the little matter of just who the hell got invited had to be navigated around.

Ezra Klein, he couldn’t get invited because he’s one of The Professionals now, hell, but he sneaked a listen in anyway. Steve Benen wasn’t on the call, same reason, technically he’s not an amateur blogger but Jesus if any blogger should have been on the call for the Obama team or any of us it had to be Steve. Being a pro means Glenzilla didn’t get invited, man, as far as my little internet pond extends Booman of Booman Tribune and Dday of Hullabaloo were the only brother bloggers I knew on the call.

I did not get invited for the momentous great occasion. What a fucking surprise, you know?

I noticed right away there were plenty of links to the transcript of the call, but none at all for the list of bloggers who got invited. I guess there never will be, but that interesting document is out there somewhere.

In the spirit of liberal-ness’n pajamas and blogger brother’n sisterhood, whatever, I’ll drop it. Seriously. I don’t mind that I wasn’t on the call, if the Obama staff thought I’d be disrespectful or unhelpful with the President then they know me not at all but, like I said, in the end it doesn’t matter.

It does matter that real health care reform somehow pass this year, all can agree that should be our only singular focus for the next eight-to-twelve weeks. I thought taking August off was a mistake but oh well, one way to look at it is at least we get a chance to re-group.

The Blue Dogs, media and insurance companies are lined up against us, the cost of healthcare reform somehow an issue when nobody gave a damn about costs for wars, tax cuts or medical drugs. Somehow, incredibly, in the media narrative of all this how we got into this screaming agonizing mess has been lost.

Our little corporate journalism darlings whine, amazingly, that after 20 years of abuse with little people dying left and right they need names. What they really need are better excuses for becoming the propaganda-for-insurance-company pimps they are, everybody knows it. Perhaps the real mission of bloggers in all this healthcare “debate” of the next twelve weeks is to keep getting that story out there, the story of the little people who so desperately need the system to change.

If the Obama Administration would like a little Friday surprise, a little jolt of cool blogger ability after a long, hot summer week, I would most humbly suggest another blogger conference call, the President doesn’t have to be there, of course not, just schedule another call and simply ask us to do something. Within our abilities bloggers can do quite a lot to drive a story or raise funds or hell or whatever.

No, I don’t care if I’m on the call, of course not, I’ll find out soon enough what happened, just like last time. We’ve been given four extra weeks and there has to be a way to keep our people productively busy, ask us to do something specific and we’ll be there.

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