Sunday :: Jul 26, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Isn't always business to those on the radical right? Evidently they think that Dr. Tiller was in it for the money.

As he explained himself, Mr. Gietzen did something unexpected. He spoke admiringly of the man he reflexively referred to as “Abortionist Tiller.” He said he was “very smart” and a “great businessman.” He said that if he had been in town he would have attended Dr. Tiller’s funeral to pay his respects.

“A worthy adversary,” he said. “He was right back at us.”

Perhaps Dr. Tiller was in it because he was for the women who needed his help (just like his father had been when he had performed abortions even when it was illegal) and because he wasn't about to be cowed by the relentless attack of those who would condemn women to a world where their lives matter less than of a zygote.

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