Tuesday :: Jul 28, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Achieving Universal Healthcare coverage is critical for America's future. And the forces for destroying this once in two decade's opportunity are getting stronger. If we cannot get reform today when almost everything is pushing for reform, the question is when in the future will we ever have the stars aligned to achieve reform? Robert Reich reminds us that nothing is more necessary than we all make sure our representatives hear from us.

Finally, you, dear reader, must contact your senators and representatives and explain why you want genuine reform -- incorporating the four elements listed above. Mobilize and energize others to do the same, especially residents of Blue Dog states, including Montana where Senate Finance Chief Max Baucus resides. And if you're able and willing I'd urge you to descend on Washington the moment Congress returns from recess. There is nothing quite as persuasive to a member of Congress as real live constituent demanding real reform.

The only thing that will overcome the entrenched special interests is us. So, have you called your representative today?

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