Friday :: Aug 14, 2009

The Self-Destructive Feedback Loop of the GOP

by CA Pol Junkie

On TV whenever there is an evil computer, the hero feeds it a simple yet devious instruction and then runs for cover. Smoke pours from the computer, it starts vibrating, and then it explodes into a billion pieces. The Palinized GOP is such a computer, and smoke is currently pouring from its ears.

The Republican position in the health care reform debate starts with directive number one: Must oppose everything Obama does! The problem is that Obama is proposing to reduce the cost of Medicare by discouraging wasteful procedures that don't make people any healthier. Yes, he is reducing entitlement spending. The GOP computer is getting confused: Reduce entitlement spending! No, no, must oppose everything Obama does!

David Frum, obviously an analog conservative, in a great article points out that winning the health care fight would be disastrous for what the Republicans want:

We’ll have entrenched and perpetuated some of the most irrational features of a hugely costly and under-performing system, at the expense of entrepreneurs and risk-takers, exactly the people the Republican party exists to champion.

Not a good outcome.

Must talk platitudes about small business! No, must fulfill prime directive and oppose Obama! The GOP computer, lacking a conscience, freely uses lies in support of its prime directive. Obama's "Death Panel" will kill my baby! The computer's subprocessors are comforted. Its control structure praises the "intellectual heft" of the new argument.

The Grassley processor agrees: Obama will "Decide When to Pull the Plug on Grandma"! This of course overrules the processor's own previous support for Medicare-covered end of life counseling. I Support Death Panels! Life begins at conception and ends when you sign up for Medicare! No, not Death Panel. Yes, Obama will pull the plug on Grandma!

Getting confusing? This is when to tip-toe away from the computer while it contradicts itself with increasing speed. Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson called Sarah Palin "nuts" for saying end-of-life counseling is "Death Panels" since it was his idea. Barack Obama then credited Isakson for it, which kicked in awkward contortions and he remembered that he Must oppose Obama:

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., today denounced comments made by President Obama and his spokesman regarding Isakson’s alleged connection to language contained in the House health care bill on "end-of-life counseling."

Oppose self if necessary! I wanted to kill my Grandma but now Obama wants to! Must oppose Obama! Of course, the GOP self-destruction will only crescendo when Barack Obama signs health care reform that does what both Democrats and Republicans want. Obama help taxpayers and small business and real Americans and Grandma! Platitudes non-functional! Does not compute! Does not compute! Just make sure you aren't watching the signing ceremony on Fox News - your TV might explode.

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