Tuesday :: Aug 18, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

The latest C Street expose comes from The World, a Christian Right magazine, with some strong questions for "the family" which believes that somehow God has a special message for the politically powerful elite concerning God's will while actually teaching "muddy theology" and where the word "Christian is taboo." Perhaps that's because it isn't really Christian, but rather a power-hungry secretive cult that hides it's lust for power behind a veil of professed religiosity.

As Jeff Sharlet explains to Rachel Maddow, finally there has been a strong reaction by the Christian right to supporting "a group that teaches that Jesus has one set of messages for powerful people and a different message for everybody else."

Perhaps now it is time to look at some of the people who are involved in this organization that likens itself to the Mafia beyond the pretty faces of Ensign, Sanford and Pickering: the fellows they were grooming to be the next puppet-presidents behind which the real power lies. (I can't help but see the spider in the center of its lair dangling the puppet-presidents with their fake calls to religion as its bait.)

One thing Scott Horton mentioned was that The World was the magazine that refuted Ralph Reed by exposing that his Christian facade was a game to bilk and con the Christian right. It took this magazine to lay bare to the Religious Right that Reed's true calling was for greed and corruption which focused on preying upon them.

The article in The World is not a good turn for The Family. But it certainly is a good turn for us as we try to rescue our democracy from those who would conspire with the spider waiting to eat our brains.

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