Tuesday :: Aug 18, 2009

Clueless Negligence

by Deacon Blues

It was less than three weeks ago that Steve over-optimistically proclaimed that the Obama White House was about to win on health care reform, because of a deal Rahm Emanuel brokered with Henry Waxman and key committee Blue Dogs to save the public option in exchange for better treatment for rural states and small businesses.

Of course poor Steve had no way of knowing that the same Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama would squander away the public option and lose control of the debate in the intervening weeks. But if Steve had been paying closer attention, he would have noticed that Barack Obama has never been interested in the details of an effective health care reform package, and is only interested in passing something that he can take credit for as "change we can believe in" as evidence of a "new kind of politics."

You know, the kind of politics that snatches defeat from the jaws of an electoral college and popular vote mandate, with congressional margins George W. Bush would have killed for.

This White House is so grossly overrated it isn't funny. The place has no message discipline and is populated by wimps who cower from Republicans, led by a naive, pixie-dusted president whose lack of guts and total inability to use the ruthlessness he is entitled to sickens me.

Even though the public supports the concept of choice and a public option, the overmatched White House keeps negotiating away its advantages to a GOP mob that has no interest in passing any reform package and is only too willing to keep moving the target for a deal that doesn't exist. Yet the only people in the country that can't see this work and reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Want proof? The NYT runs a story tomorrow indicating that House and Senate Democrats are finally ready to move ahead with a reform bill without Republicans. Of course, it's way too little and too late, because the president and his staff have allowed corporate-bought DINO's like Max Baucus and Kent Conrad, from states that shouldn't have any real say on this issue, to sink real reform already. But buried in this story tonight is this gem:

"One senior administration official said the sense within the White House was that Republicans, in an effort to undermine President Obama and Congressional Democrats, had made a political calculation to oppose any health care legislation."

Really? You smart people in the White House just now came to this conclusion? No wonder health care reform is so f*cked up under this president and this White House.

Please, can we get some real political pros in the White House? And while we are at it, can we please get a primary opponent against Obama in 2012 who actually knows real reform when he or she sees it; who actually cares about good policy and good outcomes instead of deals for the sake of a deal; and who knows what to do with a mandate? Because this White House and this president are a few bricks shy of a full load.

Mr. President, if you aren't serious about good policy and using the levers of power to achieve it, then please take your press clipping presidency, your woebegone staff, your stupid naivete, and your pathetic deals and leave town after one term.

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