Thursday :: Aug 20, 2009

Grassley Believes The Mobs Are Real

by Deacon Blues

Because Chuck Grassley actually believes the manufactured outrage by yelling morons backed by insurance industry and far right fringe groups represents legitimate large-scale opposition to health care reform, he is now telling everyone that we need to slow down and start over. And there are other senators who also think the manufactured outrage is real, and agree with Grassley that reform needs to be broken into smaller parts and done piecemeal over a period of years.

Grassley and other GOP senators told the Post that the mobs have convinced them that there are many Americans who like their insurance the way it is, and don't want to be bothered with dealing with the 47 million who don't have insurance. This is a typical GOP "I've got mine, you get screwed" approach, the same approach that got us into this mess in the first place. And it is even more galling that the insurance these older white robots have and like so much is their government-run Medicare, which in no way will be affected by health care reform.

And Grassley is the rocket scientist this White House has been dealing with in good faith all this time, a dupe who can't see that the whole process was built on delay in order to manufacture right wing outrage as a justification to kill this.

Regardless, the handwriting seems to be on the wall: the effort will be broken up into parts in the hope that GOP senators will vote for a bill with the consumer protections in it, while any real expansion to cover the uninsured will die in a separate effort. And by the time we are done, Obama will claim credit for a package that isn't much different than what John McCain would have signed under Democratic pressure.

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