Thursday :: Aug 20, 2009

No Criticism Allowed

by Deacon Blues

Since my criticism of how the president has handled the health care reform effort has bummed out some of the true believers, let’s see what kind and flowery things I can say about the man this afternoon.

Well, to start, he made a good appearance on Michael Smerconish’s radio program today, addressing several right-wing propagated lies about the reform proposals. He minimized the role of any public option in the overall reform effort, on the same day that a new poll shows more than three-quarters of the public wants a public option, and on the same day Nancy Pelosi said there would be no bill from the House without one. Yes, it would have been better to set the narrative correctly before the congressional recess, nor do I understand why he’s letting the rabid minority drive the debate instead of embracing something that 77% support, but there I go again.

Moreover, the latest batch of leading economic indicators shows the recession to have bottomed out already, led in part by the success of the cash-for-clunkers program, which has worked far better than anticipated, in spite of conservative attacks that the $3 billion was a waste of money. If the economy has in fact bottomed out partially because of this program, it was the best $3 billion Obama has spent so far. This of course explains why he is now killing the program.

Since critiques of the administration apparently aren't tolerated by some around here, I'll move to safer ground: yes, as many of us knew at the time, the Cheney cabal believed in scaring Americans for political gain.

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