Monday :: Aug 24, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Check out Bill Moyers Journal this week as it covers the plight of three seriously ill Americans who although they work hard and pay their taxes had to face their illnesses without insurance. Then imagine how it must feel to be without insurance when you or a close family member gets seriously sick and what a struggle it is to even find medical care. And then imagine what it must feel like to be dying while getting collection agency calls from the creditors looking for their money and knowing that your family will get those calls without relief long after you are dead. Does this not count as torture?

Thus while Senator Joe Lieberman talks about how it is just too bad we cannot fix this problem right now because after all we have more important things to do (keeping the obscene profits going for those who feed off the sick), in my opinion, a just God would make sure he and his fellow heartless senators could also enjoy their last days with collection agents dunning their families for impossibly large sums of money (enough to bankrupt the family for generations) while they lie dying. Perhaps then it might become important enough to do something to solve this problem without any more delay.

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