Wednesday :: Aug 26, 2009

Open Thread - Already Missing Ted Kennedy

by Mary

Senator Ted Kennedy's death is a tremendous loss to our country and the Senate. And while he was a passionate liberal fighter, he was also a kind, generous and gracious soul capable of forging bonds across ideological boundaries because he was so decent and always willing to see the best in his political foes. In a just and decent world, those who were deeply touched by his life and mourn his passing would find a way to memorialize his life and his work by passing a truly effective health care bill that covered every American.

Will that happen? I must say I have little hope that those Senators with whom he spent decades working (always considering their positions and opinions respectfully) will be able to get past their venial and parochial interests to fulfill his goal of providing affordable, universal health care for all Americans. Yet, if his fellow Senators truly want to honor him, they would make his dream and his life-long goal his legacy.

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