Tuesday :: Sep 1, 2009

Kitzhaber Rumored To Be Running

by Turkana

From Oregon Live:

Will John Kitzhaber, the former two-term Democratic governor, run for an unprecedented third term? That's the speculation sweeping through the state's political community today, Oregonian senior political reporter Jeff Mapes reports.

Kitzhaber is an MD, and was extremely popular, including trying to legislate very progressive health care reform. Unfortunately, he had to deal with a Republican legislature, which, of course, mostly blocked him at every turn. Alhtough he's not generally fond of the political arena, and previously rejected intense lobbying to get him to enter races for Gordon Smith's U.S. Senate seat (now safely in Jeff Merkley's hands!), it's been rumored that he was mulling a chance to return to Salem. The legislature is now under Democratic control, and Kitzhaber is said to be intrigued by the chance finally to get done what he's always wanted to get done. Should he run, he will be the clear favorite.

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