Monday :: Sep 7, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

From Paul Rosenberg, a disquisition about an interview with Max Blumenthal on DemocracyNow about his book, Republican Gomorrah. Blumenthal's thesis is the Republican movement's capture by the religious right has a lot to do with the dysfunction and personal crises of the leaders.

And what Frank Schaeffer told me, which is most interesting, is that “This movement, we were like oncologists. We needed a crisis to keep occurring in American society in order for us to stay in business.” And that’s what we’re seeing with the healthcare debate, too. I mean, we’re seeing a movement that’s terrified that the government will start to be able to solve people’s crises, because they survive and thrive on manipulating people’s personal crises.

And here's what the Right has to say about his book.

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