Friday :: Sep 18, 2009

Can We Please Have One Plan & Strategy?

by paradox

Reading over the justifiably blistering attack of Paul Krugman on the sick joke of the Baucus healthcare bill I’m reminded again of how unruly, haphazard and zig-zag-to-face-plant this utterly ridiculous legislative process has been. Liberals and progressives get slapped from the git-go for having to give up what would really work (single payer), only to desperately swivel attention between four competing Congressional healthcare bills that absolutely must have a new vague concept (public option). Of course it all stalls and when one plan (Baucus) emerges it’s instantly ridiculed from all quarters.

Trying to forget about the vicious, deep stab in the back from the White House over that heinous pharma deal with that super creep Billy Tauzin (way to go on the hopey-changey stuff, thanks) constituents, as Krugman says, are left with a bewildering and nauseous process of whittling down what in the end won’t make them vomit in these lousy half-ass bills.

Please. As a loyal Democrat who’s developing a nuclear bitterness at all the progress we’re not making (living in California doesn’t help, where we’re having our own little show of meltdown) there are still firm plans, nonetheless, to remain a Democrat. But these four jockeying plans for a desperately needed healthcare solution that never makes any progress is impossible to sustain for any political party, in any country, any time and place.

Baucus is a total dud turd of a bill. Fine, let’s never talk about the putz again and DOA the thing. What plan, then, with what concrete-never-to-be-compromised elements are we supposed to get behind?

It would be nice to help with a real bill that delivers solutions instead of this amazingly offensive campaign to whip my own Party into acting like functional human beings. What a concept.

Anyway, to repeat, one plan with the public option with a simple marketing phrase would be extremely welcome. It’s not too much to ask and this absurdity has got to stop, I can’t tell you how embarrassed and ashamed as a Democrat I’ve been to have to witness this whole humiliating process. Our people in DC are distressingly oblivious but this clown show degrades the human race, not just America and the Democratic Party.

A simple request, richly earned after waiting all this time for a bill we can get behind: now that the Baucus bill is trashed, what do we do, what plan are we using?

Still no answer? You’ll jockey until the last second under some cloud of competing ideas where everything really gets done at the last second in conference committee?

I really don’t see why as a loyal Democratic constituent I should have to put up with the gross insult of that idea. How long is that cluster of a process supposed to last, until New Year’s? Probably.

Obama and Democratic Party, how I pray you don’t go there. What an ugly, ugly Christmas it’s going to be if that happens.

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