Saturday :: Sep 26, 2009

Unemployment Is Our Measurement Device

by paradox

I let it go at the time it happened, just another Republican in the Obama administration saying something stupid and offensive, but Bob Herbert of the New York Times has brought it up twice lately with oblique blows that demonstrate he was offended too, so it’s time to get it over with and state Ben Bernanke--a Republican we could have heaved currently running the Fed--is a ridiculous asshole for stating the recession is over.

The Great Recession, excuse me. Anyway, Bernanke flapped his elitist clueless lips with the flatulent nonsense happy days are here again because the gross domestic product number came in positive twice in a row (2.5%) and a host of other economic needles got a twitch out of the corpse of our economy. Unfortunately for us all unemployment continued to crater, meaning The Great Recession simply continued to get worse, the dumb words of lost optimism coming a from an immensely wealthy, well-fed, cosseted DC doofus salting the festering wounds of our hordes of people out of work.

Labor. Employment. Career. Job. Do the words mean anything anymore for those setting policy? Without meaningful work that pays life in America is a cruel joke that will grind you down and kill your early and ugly, how isn’t that obvious? Yet the powerful often expound on profit numbers for a tiny few, somehow ignoring millions of Americans in acute pain as their lives are slowly wafted to nothing with no work or income. Unemployment is rising? So what! The recession is over!

Mr. Bernanke, unemployment is our measurement device. Life in America doesn’t mean anything without a job. Being a Republican requires stupidity, it seems, but you were hired on by Democrats recently. Remember? So shut up next time before you proclaim economic conditions, you’re an offensive fool, the recession will be over at full employment at a living wage.

We ignore this holy grail at our greatest peril. Disdain of it leads to the manifest foolishness of tax cuts and acceptance of compromise that stiffed the states in stimulus, when every single precious penny spelled out for aid to the states and jobs should have been defended like Little Round Top, of course, the lives of the little people were at stake!

But we lost that chance in our Great Recession, so here in California jobs that looked after our Seniors with a pittance of care are gone, our elders slated for an ugly early death in some accident or slow cruelty of institution. The United States wars with two countries, ignores the sick with lousy healthcare and chucks the elderly to whatever winds of abuse they can twist in. The Christians have a long, long way to go to make some inroads into this place.

At any rate one hope the point is crystal clear: Democrats, party of labor and unions, are always solely focused on the lives and employment of the little people, how the well-off are doing in the market that skews a funny-number GDP statistic means absolutely jack. I truly do hope that truth is vividly clear, Mr. Bernanke, life in America without a job is hell, hardly a life at all.

Good luck with the second term of your job, sir. It’s discouraging to me that it started so classically Republican with a massive face-splat of stupid incompetence, but that was to be expected, of course, one hopes it was a one-time experience that is now over with. We’ll see.

In trying to estimate how the economy is doing, employment is our measurement device. Just keep that squarely in the front of your consciousness as we move forward, Mr. Federal Reserve Chairman, and these humiliating, offensive embarrassments can be avoided in the future.

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