Saturday :: Oct 3, 2009

RMI 2009

by Mary

I've not actually fallen off the edge of the world, but I have been completely disconnected from the intertubes for the past few days as I've been attending the RMI 2009 Conference in San Francisco. It's been an incredible conference with some awesome speakers discussing some of the most innovative ideas on how to clean up our act for energy.

Don't have time to give more than a brief soundbite, but here's my pick for the best Amory Lovin's quote for the day:

Then there are the people who lie awake at night worrying about whether what works in practice will ever work in theory.

And to get a flavor of one of the topics brought up in the conference, you can watch the Ted Lecture from Willie Smits talking about How we regrew a rainforest.

I hope to be back online tomorrow with more.

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