Monday :: Oct 5, 2009

Unfinished Business

by paradox

The ability of the human mind to deceive itself is indeed dizzying in its vast deep capability, a brutal fact of our universe that was slammed home when the White House unveiled a good idea earlier this year, a weekly rock-solid schedule slot where President Obama reads at least five good letters from ordinary Americans transposing the real American zest of middle class life. Conveying the wit, perseverance and fine thinking of our little people, President Obama positively stated soaking it in would magically convey him out of the classically stupid, twisted, screw-the-little-people mentality of Washington DC, the infamous militaristic, propaganda-driven, lobbyist-centric “bubble” of our great nation’s capital.

Jesus Christ. A direct view to narratives of the little people is a fine thing, of course, but it doesn’t mean jack in a precise policy evolution where all of the data input flows and important human players are classic, dye in the wool DC bubble masters. For instance, where in all of the stimulus evolution workup were the souls and minds of those letter-writers? With Rahm Emanuel? Don’t make me laugh. Ben Bernanke? Heh. The Republicans we’re supposed to respect and include? Right. The entire stimulus effort wallowed in the bubble, eventually bubblelicious in its double-bubble totality.

Of course the stimulus failed for the little people, the bubble ruled. Every precious dime available should have gone to job creation, but instead tax cuts stupidly were put into play, which besides wasting the money made Obama look weak for groveling to Republicans—who of course stiffed him anyway. Tax cuts also disastrously sullied the Democratic brand, we’re supposed to be different than Republicans, fools of deficit, remember?

Why on earth was it ever necessary to compromise with “moderate” Republicans by nixing aid to the States? Hello? There are no moderate Republicans anymore, and all this massively mistaken bubble genuflect produced was the horrible splat of job data last week, reeking of DC bubble failure.

We lost all the hiring advantages from the stimulus because we didn’t aid the States and they cut employment. We’re still screaming downhill in the most horrifying employment graph I have ever seen, this country will never go anywhere until the little people have a meaningful real labor market again. Krugman, Reich, and Kuttner all instantly put out the call for a second stimulus to help stave off this utter disaster, but what did the bubble give us?

Double-bubble Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who said the recession was over. We just hired this guy in the finest bubble tradition, you know. He’s done such a fine job.

Apparently the bubble masters have huffed the lives of the little people and their labor market mean nothing, no more employment aid will ever come forth again. Did President Obama call up any of those letter-writers to get their view on that? Well?

Besides the monstrously unfinished business of stimulus to employ our people, another little matter of our too-big-to-fail banks still needs attention, just the little detail we’ve created a financial monster that’s out of control, that’s all. At least here the news is much better, for the bubble has produced a real public servant to help the little people. It happens.

Her name is Sheila Bair, head of the FDIC, who very reasonably demands that since we chucked everything we allegedly believe in to rescue lying crooks that we not be put in this position again. What a concept, break up the too-big-to-fail crooked institutions that got us into such a flaming ripoff mess in the first place.

90% of the little people who write to President Obama agree with her, but will those voices somehow magically penetrate the DC bubble to produce the correct policy? Of course, of course. Why, President Obama said reading those letters would do the trick, that’s how. Really.

The little people of the United States desperately need employment and a government that isn’t owned and captured by the finance industry. If the Obama Administration wants to definitively demonstrate with brilliant clarity it does in fact have a consciousness outside of the stifling bubble of DC then it will get to those two items of unfinished business right away. Now. Or just whistle along in a tiny useless environment on the Potomac river, so sure nothing else needs to be done (look, the great Fed Chairman said so, shut up, you) the little people sorrowfully looking on, as always.

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