Wednesday :: Oct 7, 2009

Should Have Dealt With Joe Before Now

by Steve

You’ll recall at the start of the Obama administration, with Democrats commanding larger margins in both houses as a result of Obama’s electoral wave, the president-elect refused to have Joe Lieberman removed from the chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee, over concerns that Lieberman would bolt the caucus and presumably because it was in line with the president’s “new politics” mindset.

Even though many of us knew Lieberman was a snake who should never be tolerated, the White House political team has refused to deal with him effectively at any time since coming into office. In fact, they have shown more spine and harshness in dealing with progressive critics than they have with Lieberman.

Let no bad deed go unpunished:

Hey, so guess who is mulling new legislation to solve the alleged problem of Obama’s “czars”? Joe Lieberman!
He may even hold hearings on the czars, as the chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Since this will confer legitimacy on an attack that has mostly emanated from Glenn Beck and the hothouse right, it could prompt an “I told you so” chorus from those who argued that Lieberman should be stripped of his committee slots.

Yup, with all of this country's important business going on, and Lieberman's past unwillingness to investigate the Bush administration transgressions, he decides to give air time to Crazy Ass Glenn Beck's crusade over czars.

Mr. President, you deserve what you get when you refuse to play hardball with your enemies.

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