Thursday :: Oct 8, 2009

The Public Option Counter-Attack

by Steve

In somewhat of a surprise this afternoon, 30 Democratic senators sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid asking that the final Senate bill contain a robust public option. Aside from seeing Senate Democrats firmly smack down the industry-crafted work of Max Baucus and Kent Conrad on Finance and rejecting the asinine co-ops concept, the list of those who signed this letter is also a slight surprise.

For instance, both Dianne Feinstein and Arlen Specter signed on. In addition, the number of signatories is at the low end of the spectrum, because the effort was a rank-and-file letter, and by design did not include the leadership or relevant committee chairs. Therefore, the actual number of supporters for a real public option is into the mid-thirties at least. Furthermore, there are other senators not on this list who have already expressed their support for the public option, and another group who are already on board with the opt-out public option alternative.

This is a strong rejection of the work done by Max Baucus and Kent Conrad on Finance, to convince us that there isn’t enough support even within the Democratic caucus to get 50 votes for a public option.

I wonder what the White House is thinking now, since they welcomed the whored Baucus/Conrad platform and co-ops as a good place to start.

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