Wednesday :: Oct 14, 2009

Oh Democracy

by paradox

Formerly devoted to Winston’s and presently adhering to contempt of most rules I was still shocked to learn Arnold Schwarzenegger, alleged Governor of California and nicotine addict, had set up a little palatial tent of sick defiance just outside the Capitol building so he could puff his cigars at leisure. There’s furniture, Astroturf and machines, lackeys to run errands and curling cigar smoke to daily shove down everyone’s throat that no rule ever means anything to the Terminator, be it civil or cultural, even if it means the alleged Governor Of California can’t use a real office like every other adult in the state.

Most of America and the Nobel peace prize committee are immensely relieved that the disastrous belly-flop of Democracy the United States inflicted upon itself with Florida 2000 is finally over (even if the place is wrecked beyond recognition), but California is still arching and twisting on the spit it speared itself to, the do-over of the perfectly good and valid Election 02 still feeding an inferno of hell for the sick, the aged, the unemployed, the young, any little person desperately in need of their government to function at any level.

Arnold Schwarzenegger could give a flying fuck about them or anything else but his cigars and Maria’s skirt, when he couldn’t get his way last week over water he threatened to veto hundreds of other bills, rank outrageous blackmail that sets such a fine leadership value of respect and cohesion for our young people. Perhaps it’s because Arnold was once the huge musclehead badass, perhaps it’s because he’s an old man now, probably because there’s still no way it would work on this offensive bullying idiot, but it’s still surprising no one has literally ground this pea-brain’s face in the dirt for being so incredibly disrespectful to the State, Union and Race for being such a disgusting lout to the people of California.

Governor Bicep has since backed off and says progress is being made. Everyone is instantly relieved at the obvious truth, it coming from this lying, abusive, harassing, manipulative destroyer of civil society, Teutonic tantrums of vast destructive power emanating from his stupid little tent. Still over a year to go, America, and then California can finally join y’all in that massive, deep sigh of relief that the repulsive little boy is gone.

Schwarzenegger, like Bush, of course horrified and dismayed liberal Democrats like yours truly by winning an election fair and square (sort of, incumbents have a big edge) four years after they had hijacked Democracy, various factors leading to a depressing conclusion that it must have been television that did this to us to start the 21st, we should have been better than this. Advocates for the little people still must swallow the bitter pill the little people voted this insanity in twice, a little TV and tribalism sure goes a long way in this world, doesn’t it?

Whatever it was that these politicians were able to momentarily harness to win elections surely their destruction will be with us for tragic generations. All of it so unnecessary and easily avoidable. May the lesson be forever learned, for the sake of the country, the planet and the race: never elect bombastic, aggressive Republicans (yes, that’s all of them by now), dishonest destruction is all they know and deliver.

Perhaps the issue would never exist if my elected Democratic brothers and sisters were more competent in execution and strategy, and I can do without the clucking that lessons of 1993 were un-learned, thank you. One doesn’t slam a healthcare plan of total executive origin ginned up in secrecy down the throat of legislative, fine, that does not at all fucking mean letting Congress have complete lunatic “control” of healthcare reform in a dizzying, confusing mess of four bills that’s offensive in its reference to sausage, this sewer of stupid denial could never, ever be compared to that fine noble food of ancient origin.

Look at this horrifying disaster of the Senate finance committee plan—now that the insanity is over, month and months of ridiculous political inside-baseball navel-gazing, millions of words written—the American Process of Democracy says oh well, just forget it, we’ll gin up a new Senate version and then try to distill a half-ass compromise called a public option out of the House version of the bill. This nauseating absurdity is very likely the reason stupid dolts who cannot even speak English get elected President and Governor, and positively the reason the United States stands alone as a modern Democracy with a stupid, trouble-making bicameral legislature.

It’s also why I’ve been so quiet lately, American Democracy simply is not serving its little people well at all, not from my neck of the woods, and the destruction isn’t over yet, not hardly. My days are very much quiet, peaceful flows of exercise, cleaning and cooking in a tiny life of North America Earth humanity, circa 2009, Milky Way. Seems impossible lately to jam politics in there somehow, be it local, state or federal, and usually is.

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