Thursday :: Oct 15, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Making rapid progress in addressing the challenge from global climate change is difficult because so many people don't understand the problem and don't think it is necessary to change their lives to help solve the problem. Because the danger is so amorphous, people judge the problem based on the level they accept the messages from climate scientists.

Yet, addressing the problem will take the great majority of those of us in the developed world doing our part to reduce our energy use by increasing our energy efficiency. Nevertheless, in today's world where the climate deniers are given an equal or even greater platform than real climate scientists, engaging the public in what they do has never been more difficult and yet more important.

The UK government has decided the best way to help break through the fog is to put on a major TV advertisement campaign that makes the point: what you do today, will affect your children tomorrow. They want to move the public to start taking this problem seriously.

How do you think this will work? Are there better ways to engage people for real action?

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