Monday :: Oct 26, 2009

Didn’t Work, Senior Administration Official

by paradox

An excellent way to become politically pickled and drolly ponder if we’ll be 40% of the country we could be for the next 15 generations is to peruse the political reporting of the New York Times. We may have dysfunctional, errant government, but it got that way to a great degree because of the comically inept enablers in our American “journalism” corps, the truth nowhere to be found in a hodgepodge of crude misdirection and obfuscation.

Congress and Obama are about to break up all the too-big-too-fail financial behemoths that run the Treasury department and gorged on a trillion dollar gift from taxpayers. [condensed paragraph 1]

They are? Since when? The sickening bailout of the finance industry “casinos” (Keynes) is now over six months old, it’s been a criticism from Day 1 of this roaring fiasco if we had to blow up capitalism with little people money one ironclad predisposition had to be it could never happen again, yet these strangling giants, “who frankly own the place” (Durbin) have waltzed and whistled their way to billions in bonuses with nary a hint of change to the theft anywhere. What happened all of a sudden over the weekend to bring bright shining justice to this filthy financial takeover of the United States Government? Do tell.

“A senior Administration official said on Sunday…”

Precisely 51 words and approximately 4 seconds of cognitive recognition this “story” from and American “journalist” enabling an Obama “official” instantly transformed to shit, sickening anger and contempt swamping any possible element of human understanding or forgiveness in trying to comprehend whatever scrap of truth is deigned to be tossed our way with this “journalism.”

I am an extremely small person of average intelligence with a plain education at lowly public institutions, yet even I see the manifest crashing problems with this sentence, all voting Americans do, we’ve been over this thousands of times in the last eight years. Why does this “reporter” and “official” think I and all the voters are so monstrously stupid? Why do they think the horrible enabling and ineptitude—right there in plain screaming sight—isn’t embarrassing and weak? Why does it keep happening year after year when it’s so stupid and destructive?

This “journalist” and his “editor” just broke the codified anonymity rules of the New York Times by starting this story with enabling hiding. Someone in the Obama administration is hiding and manipulating behind secret identity and this “journalist” is their co-conspirator of bullshit. There is no good political reason, it smashes any concept of modern political journalism and humiliates the Democratic base to an extreme degree, we’re not stupid.

I think that deserves repetition for this Obama “official.” Every time you hide and manipulate with an enabling “journalist” you humiliate Democratic Party voters and display a nuclear contempt for our intelligence, you must think we have the intelligence of banana slugs.

For the love of baby Jesus, the rotation of the Milky Way and the clean, calm sanity of Democratic Party voters, stop it! Jesus, why can’t you grow up?

[makes the sign of the cross]

In a truly confusing and wandering story apparently Mr. Timothy Goldman Sachs Geithner will announce some kind of obscure plan in testimony before Mr. Barney Frank’s House Committee that should these idiot stealing behemoths who fucking own the Treasury Department ever blow themselves up again a sort of “living will” will make sure they have a satisfactory death for all the little people they crush in the process. Right? Right.

What about the Senate? Well, the story is the Obama administration is about to break up the behemoths, but much later in the text it’s quite clear nothing will change at all, just as it has for the last six months. Direct quotes from real honest DC actors with real names—Tarullo and Bernanke—make that quite clear. There’s nothing about final passage of any bill except out of Mr. Frank’s committee, as if he alone could instigate change in Washington. Don’t we wish, sir, believe me.

The story and the “journalism” are a flaming mess, as much the underlying issue that it hopelessly tries to hide: Treasury—along with monetary and fiscal policy—could very well be completely captured and taken over by the finance industry, the voters, country and little people be damned, fat cats laughing uproariously as they pocket millions and snicker we’ll have to get used to the inequality for the good of all. Americans are very angry and fearful about it, we’re not stupid, and whatever this ploy was about in the infernal mess, Mr. Administration official, didn’t work at all.

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