Tuesday :: Oct 27, 2009

Jolting Joe

by Steve

Joe Lieberman did late today what should have been expected: he threatened to work with Republicans to filibuster against a final health care reform bill. The reason? Joe says the public option, even with an opt-out, will create a new government entitlement and create massive new debt.

Even though the CBO is likely to score the bill as cost-neutral.

Even though a public option will save money.

This is the same Joe Lieberman, now suddenly concerned about unfunded debt that doesn't exist, who fully supported the off-the-budget, unfunded War-for-Israel in Iraq that has cost this nation at least several trillion dollars. Funny how money and dead Americans do not matter to Joe when it comes to Israel, but suddenly anything bad for Aetna and good for Main Street America is too costly.

Joe is wholly owned by Aetna and other large insurers, and can be credited with helping Enron and Arthur Anderson avoid accountability from SEC chairman Arthur Leavitt in the 1990’s, so we can dispense with that “he’s mostly a good guy” crap. He does what the industry wants, plain and simple.

He artfully worded his statement of opposition today by saying that he will let the debate and amendments take place. But if the final bill doesn’t exclude a public option, he’ll help the GOP keep it from coming to a vote. This allows him to side with other wavering DINO’s like Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, and Mark Pryor, without looking totally disloyal to the Democratic caucus and the President who supported him in his primary race against Ned Lamont.

Except that Joe is still a committee chair, who only cares about keeping that slot to dish dollars to home state check writers. It is high time for Harry Reid to reverse a previous mistake and tell Joe that his committee leadership just went out the window. Furthermore, it is also time for someone to start running media in Connecticut asking why Joe cares more about Aetna than his own constituents.

But I do note the following with some degree of irritation: why does the White House seem perfectly content to avoid involvement until “due time” while Lieberman makes it more difficult for a public option to pass?

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