Friday :: Nov 20, 2009

Can Congress Actually Function With a Jobs Bill?

by paradox

It will come as a great surprise to our erstwhile members of Congress, I’m sure, but there’s a growing awareness within the electorate that after successive generations of television and sanctioned bribery Congress has become worthless, unable to effectively respond to any emerging problem and merely exacerbating current ones, precisely as it did with prescription drug prices. Ruthless capitalist sharks are enabled more as the campaign cash flows in, the sick system somehow demanding citizens accept the phenomena as a “doughnut hole.”

That was the Republican then, fine, after ten Democratic months of Congress are matters demonstrably different? Okay okay, the Republicans blew the place up, that’s why the little people swamped their losing ludicrous asses out of office, how are the fixes going? We have economy/finance, healthcare, energy/climate, war, civil liberties and infrastructure on the Total Critical list. What has Congress tangibly done with the list this year? 1

After a smashing electoral victory the Democrats delivered a weak stimulus bill that ludicrously catered to Republican tactics and “centrist” limitations. Steve The Machine Benen may state with ultimate confidence health care will pass this year, but the little people still only have that half-assed stimulus bill as food on the table as Thanksgiving arrives, empirically no healthcare, no energy bill, Glenzilla on a righteous rampage as civil liberties are fucked up left and right, both wars still gobbling hundreds of billions, and some scraps finally thrown our way in infrastructure stimulus.

Just as a brief aside, the risks our Congressional fools are taking with healthcare mandates are breathtaking, get this wrong and all the little people will see is the enabling of more industry crooks, this time insurance companies instead of drug companies. It’s not an obscure industry perk with a tax break, it bleeds real cash in real time from the pocket of every American, ‘n by God and baby Jesus there will be unholy hell to pay if all it does is pay off crooks.

All right, all right, at least as Thanksgiving is almost upon us Congress appears to have undertaken some political sanity and saintly Christian compassion by making serious noises about a new Jobs Bill. 2 I told you so, eh, those stupid rookie mistakes in the first stimulus are whapping us hard right freaking now, so pass another Jobs Bill for the little people and Party for Christmas. Please.

Millions upon millions of Americans could give a damn about little people voices in the internet, interest rates or bicameral legislatures, they don’t view the system as serving any of their needs so they don’t feed into it or expect anything from it. We’re missing their stories and input and glory without a Jobs Bill, the country abusing its little people with neglect as the Predator strikes drone on.

A real Jobs Bill could start to change all that, we could give young urban men who aren’t going to graduate from college a real shot at some career start by creating a municipal internet, installing sidewalk ramps, clearing forests, building and staffing libraries, and creating vivid public web sites (not all out public works have to require a hard hat). The economists love this stuff, stimulus employment works are the most efficient at quickly pumping cash into the system and creating sound economic investments.

In fact, everybody loves a Jobs Bill except those god damn Republicans. What a freaking surprise.

At this point of the political year, however, the little people have watched the House blow up the Healthcare Accomplishment of the Century by enraging half the Party base with the Stupak amendment. Way to go, you know? Will Congress truly surprise the little people and deliver a Jobs Bill that just happens to have an effect of saving their incompetent fool asses? We’ll see.

[1] The usual partisan thrust of the question has become useless, for there is no Republican alternative, their lunacy leaves nothing for a voter. For instance, the Republican solution for reducing the deficit is cutting taxes. Precisely that and nothing else, truly, that’s all they offer. It doesn’t matter if one labels Congress “Democratic,” seriously, with a Republican Party offering mental solutions like their deficit insanity Congress will forever remain Democratic. I’m not hurting Obama or the Party with the question, in other words.

[2] For those few brave hapless souls out there who insist the Party and Obama are still badasses we should always respect, well, I give you this phonetic thrust of attempted legislation: Jobs Bill. Now replace that holy resonance with this: Public Option.

How the fuck do mistakes like this happen? How does the allegedly brilliant marketing of the 2008 campaign come up with stuff like this? The base and the Party is supposed to crusade a holy war of legislation over something that could in theory be a public toilet?

[shows hands helplessly] This is how total Congressional dysfunction theses flourish. I’ll never forget the Party putting us through this for such a crashing, monstrous failure of elemental marketing in the healthcare evolution.

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