Saturday :: Nov 21, 2009

Good Job Harry

by Steve

Harry Reid achieved a minor miracle a half-hour ago when he got 60 votes to begin the health care debate in the Senate right after the Thanksgiving recess. No sooner had he done that, with the help of alleged Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu, did Lincoln make it clear she would never vote for any final bill that allows cash-strapped middle class families to choose a public plan instead of being forced to buy from the pimps who bankroll her campaigns. Landrieu needed to be bought with $100 million for her state just to allow a vote.

And Joe Lieberman, despite a CBO report that shows the flawed Senate Finanace Committee plan actually reduces the deficit, swore that he would fight health care reform because it adds to the deficit, showing once again that he is wholly-owned by Aetna and other industry pimps. I look forward to someone, anyone, running commercials in Lieberman, Lincoln, and Landrieu's states showing how willing they were to deficit spend a trillion dollars for the war in Iraq, but now cannot stomach a paid-for bill that helps Main Street.

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