Tuesday :: Nov 24, 2009

Safe Travels & Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

by paradox

I’m going to miss the brave and insightful Al at Anonymous Liberal, a good man who had the correct humility to wonder if he truly had anything to offer in our big swirl of society and politics. I disagree with his final conclusion, of course, but I so know what he means, I often wonder these days why anyone would think my tiny voice has any worth. In the past I always rationalized the issue by identifying myself as one of the flawed little people I speak for, but that obviously hasn’t worked well lately, silence in all the hurt I could never make a difference for seems to be my preferred http political mode these days.

I think readers can see how a single-payer, gasoline-tax, solar-fanatic peace for Jesus sumbitch like myself could be unhappy with the current flavor of liberalism currently emanating from the White House and Congress, if one could be so charitable to call it that. It’s been a tough year for this Keynesian Machiavellian liberal, very true, and personally level some things went well, others not as planned. California is going to the dogs, that’s also been very hard, and I really don’t think readers always want a litany of how fucked up the world has become on so many fronts, so I’ve been relatively quiet.

Not ready to hang the blog cleats up quite yet, though, I am not exactly sure why, maybe I’m sure we’ll spend $53 billion on California and Texas instead of Iraq reconstruction one day and I want to be around for the bright happy text.

I’m around the house, you know, and for once there is no travel for Thanksgiving, so I’m already busy. Second round of windows to clean after a 20 mile ride, vacuum, cook dinner, and work up the list for the third day of shopping for the big day. Clean the bathroom, polish furniture, affix new candles, do laundry, always have mulled cider on the stove. For all my bitching I have seen worse times on our spin with the planet, yes.

I am a decent home cook, so Thursday is the great day in my own big kitchen in a little house. Scratch rolls, turkey and ham, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, mashed sweet and russet potatoes, a white sauce broccoli dish with walnuts and croutons, and two kinds of gravy. Not too bad, I’ve been there before, I should be all right.

Peace be with you, Left Coasters, safe travels, eh? Be careful. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of family, friends, great foods, laughter and simple good times with the presence of your people. If things are not as they should be and perhaps never can be, well, we shall continue to do the best we can, no matter how tiny and sometimes grim our paths are in this great land and country.

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