Friday :: Nov 27, 2009

Republican Dance with The Devil

by Mary

Although it is quite amusing to read stories like this of the latest Republican inanities, the fact that the GOP has been taken over by extremists is problem for the country. Hendrik Hertzberg explains:

The Republican party’s self-marginalization may be “good” for Democrats in the short term, in that it may slightly reduce the inevitable Republican gains in the 2010 midterms (and a Republican gain is inevitable no matter what), but in 2012 a Republican party in thrall to an unhinged, irresponsible, extreme-right lumpen “base” would present a real danger to the nation and the world, because it will be the one and only alternative to Obama and the Democrats.

If Obama is reelected, as I expect he will be, then perhaps the fever will pass. Perhaps by 2016 the Republicans will have drawn back from the brink of madness. So we must hope, because one day they will be back in power. That is as certain as the coming of winter—more so, actually, given the climate change they are determined to deny.

It's like courting the Taliban in Afghanistan because they are the only choice left if you are against Karzai.

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