Tuesday :: Dec 1, 2009

War is All We Need

by paradox

I hope the fools who continue to delude themselves that America is an upright Christian nation get all the dose of war necessary tonight from President Obama to forever crush the ridiculous idea out of their heads. Christians would never, ever escalate a war that has killed so many for so little, never, but of course that is not what the United States is, our Christian Nation status is just another ersatz excuse to dismember and murder children at Afghan weddings. Perhaps it’s entirely likely many millions will behold the Christian fantasy after all the war and blood and screams and flying limbs and splattered brains, but know with utter certainty not one other soul in our world will see us as Christians after tonight.

Again, only Americans would be so horribly gullible to swallow the absurdity that war is necessary for safety, as if the miniscule odds of terrorism death negate the hell and mayhem of handgun and automobile trauma in this violent and dangerous country. What Americans allegedly accept as totally necessary for “safety” the rest of the world utterly sees a great nation tragically led around by the nose by robed stoned pipsqueaks in the land of hash and opium.

Obama loyalists, Party stalwarts, netroot strategists, I am not tired of war, no, I am nauseatingly sick of it with a searing disgust I’m always amazed any other rational public administrator can’t see: in a land of raging hunger, homelessness, education neglect and all the rest what in the holy hell are we throwing away billions away on a daily basis for something so stupid and regressive as war?

I have not accepted excuses and rationalizations for this horrible useless Afghan war and I won’t tonight either. My respect for the leadership of the Democratic Party has reached a new low, Hillary Clinton mouthing awful corruption platitudes while Karzai’s drug dealer brother is on the CIA payroll, my God just shut up with how it’s all going to be different now that change is here.

Just for the record it’s my opinion the war in Afghanistan continues from a noxious, horrifying mix of American nationalism and expedient, craven domestic politics. Safety and relief of anxiousness has nothing to do with it, Bob Herbert of the New York Times is correct, this is an awful error of my dick is bigger than yours male political posturing, an easier softer way in what used to be the land of milk and honey.

I am not here as some element in a dissatisfaction survey, not as a member of the Democratic Party, simply an American who will never, ever accept the tragic, horrific absurdity of war as a means of safety in Afghanistan, of all places, please. A human being, a father, son, brother, and uncle, basely bewildered how butchering other humans could ever help. In any scenario.

Have your horrible, tragic war on, Mr. President, I can’t stop you and Congress has apparently forgotten how if you insist on splashing blood for opium fields. My misery and aching yearning for a time when Americans aren’t clumsy ruthless killers knows no bounds, and no speech by any man will ever change that.

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