Wednesday :: Dec 2, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Listening to PRI's The World today, I heard from an expert, Mark Kramer of the Harvard Cold War Studies, that the Soviet Union was well on its way to winning the war in Afghanistan except Gorbachev went wobbly and decided to withdraw troops. Evidently the brutal tactics the Soviets used were decisively defeating the resistance and effectively conquering that land. So according to the "expert", we Americans should realize that we can "win" as long as we don't sabotage our war plans. What the "a**hole expert" forgot to consider was the long-term prospects.

After all, Afghanistan has been militarily conquered time and time again. But it continues to also march to its own drum despite the conquerors. And really, is our goal to "conquer" Afghanistan? Should we really try to mimic the Soviets and their tactics?

Let me make a prediction. When Americans are finally gone from Afghanistan, we will not leave the cultural legacy that Alexander the Great did. And his incredible cities which spanned the known world of his time have long been buried in the sand. What legacy do we expect to leave?

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