Friday :: Dec 4, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

Amazing to see the name of Mike Huckabee in Frank Schaeffer's piece in this context this week:

George Grant is one of the far right/theocratic mentors. He appeared with Rushdoony in the video, “God’s Law and Society.” Grant was the co-author for Huckabee’s 1998 book, Kids Who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of Violence. That was the book where Huckabee and Grant said homosexuality and pedophilia, sadomasochism and necrophilia were all “institutionally supported aberrations.”

Huckabee and Grant were echoing Rushdoony (one of the Christian Right's most important founders) who advocated putting homosexuals to death. And this is exactly what the Family and fundamentalists in American are supporting in Uganda today.

But, this is the same Huckabee in the news this week who pardoned murders and rapists because they found some Christian to vouch for them that they had been saved and were deserving of being forgiven and set free.

Huckabee has proudly declared on many occasions that he disdains the separation of church and state, insisting that his strict Baptist piety should serve as the bedrock of public policy. Nowhere in his record as governor was the influence of religious zeal felt more heavily than in the distribution of pardons and commutations, as his own explanations have indicated. During those years he granted more commutations and pardons than any governor during the previous four decades, many of them surely justified as a response to excessive penalties under the state's draconian narcotics laws. But others were deeply controversial, especially because so many of his acts of mercy appeared to depend on interventions by fellow Baptist preachers and by inmate professions of renewed Christian faith.

...Huckabee granted mercy to prisoners whom he chanced to meet, to prisoners who had personal connections to him or his family, and especially to prisoners who were vouchsafed to him by the pastors he had befriended during his years as a Baptist minister and denominational leader. Among the thugs who benefited from his mercy was a robber who beat an old man to death with a lead pipe.

How could someone who was so forgiving of those who committed horrendous crimes be so vindictive and harsh in other cases (especially against gays)? Well, when you realize Huckabee is the prototypical Authoritarian follower (as defined by Robert Altemeyer), it is not too surprising to see that his thinking and reasoning is so compartmentalized and thus so hypocritical and nonsensical. There is something deeply wrong with the way people like Huckabee make decisions.

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