Tuesday :: Dec 15, 2009

Well, You Can Shut Up, Matt

by paradox

On the worst day of an American political year that has been a screeching, reeking disaster Mathew Yglesias tossed a grenade into the inferno by telling outraged liberals to grow up if they continue threatening non-participation in 2010 for all the Obama and Democratic Party failures.

You can shut the fuck up now, Yglesias. No one, especially a twig who has yet to reach the age of 30, lectures the Democratic Party base members how to react after the almost incomprehensibly abusive and revolting capitulation to Joe Lieberman yesterday.

I plan to vote in 2012, of course, I will continue to raise my little people voice, yes, but I hope I never possess the Republican authoritarian prick world outlook on dictating to other humans on how to properly take abuse in all this horror show. I like Mr. Yglesias and don’t pretend to be a match for his education, intellect or ability to handle repulsive political horseshit all day, but I do hope he realizes my admiration and loyalty will instantly vanish if he makes this mistake again, no one can judge other Democrats or liberals after yesterday.

The White House denied all day they told Reid to cut a deal, but it was confirmed by multiple sources and then the knife went home in the evening. Now I get to add often lies casually to Americans with anonymous sources to this Administration’s list of glorious accomplishments. Great.

The word has gone out like wildfire to kill the abomination of the bill, bloviating bloggers are being told to quite rightly shut up while wars, global warming and unemployment rage on. We’re really in a lot of trouble, I’m terribly worried, and just horrified at Democratic Party and Administration competence metrics for 2009 in response to the issue agenda.

I dread the thought of Republicans taking over the House or Senate in 2010, I will not vote for it, but I’m beginning to expect it, the Administration and Party are completely oblivious to tipping points of snapping exasperation. They just can’t believe their own people will ever really leave them, no matter how horrifying the terrible incompetence and abuse gets. I can really see the abandonment in 2010, humans aren’t rational beings and it may in fact be the correct response to the abuse.

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