Wednesday :: Dec 16, 2009

The Age of the Executive

by paradox

To briefly riff on Glenzilla this morning, I’ve been amused watching the Obama defenders point out that America has a dysfunctional bicameral Congress, if the ridiculous clown show of our Senate forces utter health care shit upon us all, why, golly gee, what can Obama do?

Political scientists have been writing and yapping about the Age of the Executive in America for 40 years, Congress doesn’t have war powers anymore and even gave away its budget prerogatives to the Office of Management & Budget. George Bush, a pathetically unintelligent and pathologically violent President in Sarah Palin league of competence, still had the ability to smash his horrifying agenda through Congress, the almighty Unitard, remember?

But Obama, the leading 21st century change force, is totally helpless before Congress now? Mm.

Something else is very wrong in the HCR evolution: assuming there were tangibly progressive elements in the bill, why was the implementation date always until after the 2012 election? How on Earth could be that even if we got a good bill total inaction on almost on all elements for four years be a good thing? Reform is supposed to work in real time, not be some abstract years out that doesn’t deliver until after an election.

It simply makes no political sense from any angle, above all else politicians are supposed to be self-serving, how could they make all these useless promises and ludicrous mandates yet not deliver anything that works? Not only nothing that works, just nothing at all!

Of course the opening paragraphs are snark, most understand very clearly, very easily, that Congressional excuses are used because Obama kisses pharmaceutical ass, it’s distressing but completely understandable political behavior.

Foisting literally nothing on voters, only to be finally followed with an outrage that only serves pharma and insurance, well, that truly is baffling. Did Obama and Emanuel think no one would notice, that everyone would just magically have no memory? Even more baffling, did the Obama people think voters would become so massively stupid as to accept all of this as something real, as tangible progress?

I suppose one could look at what George Bush got away with in regard to the American voter and act accordingly, but I thought Democrats were better than the Unitard in that regard.

In any event, it’s still very mysterious. Why isn’t the Obama Administration cognizant to the political risks of lousy HCR? One answer could be they obviously think pharma and insurance have more power than the American voter, it doesn’t matter how the citizens are neglected, but that simply makes no sense, why demand change all this time and during the campaign for change if that’s so?

I wish I knew. Another answer is that the Obama Administration are actors, this has been all kabuki, the mantra for change has been a hoodwink and joke on us the entire time. I refuse to accept that on any level, President Obama would not be that manipulative with us here.

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