Friday :: Dec 18, 2009

Kill the Bill?

by paradox

Please don’t, the political consequences to emboldening the pathetic Republicans and loss of face for the monstrous failure would be tragically damaging to Obama and the Democratic Party brand (such as it is). A simple hippie, I’ve viewed the entire HCR evolution as a very regrettable lost chance for single payer and a very wearying wait to accept whatever is eventually shoved at the little people. Party members who view such a stance as obstreperous immature disloyalty can take off, did I turn into a Naderite over it all? Millions have, the price in the past for flipping the liberals continually off has been horrifying,1 yet I am still here.

It is no small thing, and loyalty to the Republic keeps me a Democrat far more than any crumbs that infuriating Party of mine does. John Cole of Balloon Juice is an excellent source to keep reminding us all just how bat shit fucking crazy the Republicans have become, as if the numbing horror of eight years of Darth Cheney and that little puppet on his knee just ended a year ago weren’t enough to keep shoving it in our unemployed faces.2 Pass the bill that rips up the hearts of so many of my brothers and sisters, get on with it already, I’ll be there in 2010.

I would have a most humble request: get rid of those suicidal mandates. Technical policy attributes have nothing to do with it, I don’t trust our filthy treacherous media one millisecond to responsibly handle the reeking foul spin the Republicans will whip their dittohead teabagger shock troops into ranting boiling waves of duped furious Americans over them, using any excuse for hating the god damn liberals for threatening the profits of others even more.

Dianne Sawyer is going to replace the blockhead Charles Gibson at Disney News next year, right? To make absolutely sure her credentials were in order she just knifed Al Gore with a filthy Glenn Beck ploy, it had Atrios absolutely livid and it was a nauseating, tearing reminder at how far we have regressed, how little the truth and decency means to the alleged American souls entrusted with those precious values. Sawyer, of course, used to write for Richard Nixon, and is considered absolutely ordinary and normal in our little pack of DC journalists. If David Axelrod and Barack Obama really want to live through a hell they can’t imagine in a million freaking years then go right ahead, force mandates on American with our pathetic horrendously dangerous Heather journalists and Republicans clucking around.

We shall do the best we can in the meantime. Again, I would suggest in the most humble terms to our leadership that Christmas is next freaking Friday, many Party members are really weary of the HCR fight, and that it would be best for all if we wrapped this up for this year, finished or no, with some kind of messaging that gives our people hope and unity for the future.

[1] After nearly a year of the Obama Presidency it’s safe to say the old Clintonista trick of continually ignoring or deliberately slighting liberals is in full play; as the mighty MeteorBlades of Daily Kos so aptly remarked, Obama promised to listen to everyone but obviously could give a shit about the automatic votes of liberals.

How quickly we forget the horrifying results of that ridiculous political stance from 1999: Ralph Nader and Florida. George Bush, ignored August memos and all the rest. Liberals have always been the core activist element of the Democratic Party, we can easily be the catalyst for yet another romp in 2010, yet we are again ignored. As Digby at Hullabaloo keeps telling us so wisely, asking for any kind of replay on that is really bad, bad politics.

[2] I remember George Bush giving a daytime press conference, and just incredibly not twenty yards away Dick Deferment Cheney was cruising in the shrubbery, I fucking kid you not, a sort of old-school butler’s huffy arrogance as he looked after his charge giving childishly offensive answers to a disgustingly lame kiss-ass corporate journalism corps.

As bad as Cheney was and is, the idea of a pathetic American President fully aware that Master Darth was twenty yards away to keep his needledick in line, it’s all good with him, my God that’s beyond horrifying. It’s still all mighty good with every Republican out there, we as a country can never let these freaks get a hold of the Presidency in at least our lifetimes again, they’ve simply regressed out of any reasonable human parameters.

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