Monday :: Dec 21, 2009

We’re Not Stupid, David

by paradox

It has been a very long night (again), there are other things I should be doing and I’m positive American politics is not something I should be soaking in today, but Mr. David Axelrod, senior advisor to President Obama, pulled a little trick yesterday that absolutely demands immediate attention.

It’s common knowledge (but a subject Obama never talks or is asked about) Axelrod, Rahm and Obama calculated HCR could never pass with pharmaceutical industry opposition, so they made a private deal with the industry to protect pharma in the legislation. In return a very potent foe of HCR was negated, a deal I think was a terrible betrayal to open governance and the little people but may have been necessary for HCR passage, I don’t know. It is undisputed by all parties as a fact that the pharma deal happened, bad tactic or no.

Part of the deal was that Axelrod and Obama break their campaign promise to allow imported drugs into the country, for anything that can wiggle around the crooked racket called the American healthcare/pharma industry will be vastly cheaper for our people. When asked about the broken promise so rapacious capitalists can knife our people more Mr. Axelrod stated after HCR is passed--not allowing the importation of drugs--the Obama administration will then try to allow imported drugs in. Later, you understand, not when it matters now, just later.

[opens hands] All right, David. I and the American people are many things, but we are not tree stump stupid. Y’all made a deal with pharma that screwed us little people, and when it became 200 million lumens brilliantly clear in the precise evolution of a broken promise on drug importation you lied to us with a snotty arrogance of amazing scope, where on Earth did you get the incredible idea ordinary Americans would swallow this bullshit? I really want to know.

The Obama administration will not be a proponent of drug importation after HCR passes. They made a deal with pharma and broke their campaign promise. End of story.

Don’t I wish. I am your friend, Mr. David Axelrod, I’ve got more than a slate of personal shit to be working on this fine day, I don’t get off on catching others in a lie or think my mantle of citizenship is somehow superior to yours. This isn’t about tactics or character or promises, it’s about the searing contempt you must possess of the American people to amazingly try and foist that utter drug importation bullshit on us.

I’m very used to being lied to, as an American and Machiavellian populist it’s not as if the evolution makes me get out the smelling salts. But I am greatly, greatly concerned you think so microscopically little of the American people, Mr. David Axelrod.

We work our asses off, more hours than any other industrialized democracy. We’re stuck with a lousy bicameral Congress, a Federal Reserve that cherishes its role in wiping finance ass, two active wars, crummy healthcare, stagnant wages and the worst Presidential hangover of all time after George Pretzel Bush. We don’t deserve treatment like that in any sense, in any way, on any freaking day of the week.

You’re a manifestly better person than this too, by the way. What the hell, dude, are you all right?

Outraged indignity is hardly the point here, not hardly. If you think so little of the American people, Mr. David Axelrod, then we really are in a lot of trouble. Total contempt for what we believe in and who we are, is that how you look at us little people, David? If that’s so we’re in for four years of more terrible damage to the Republic, only bad regressive elements can come forth from such a dark, cramped, contemptuous view of Americans.

Merry Christmas, David Axelrod. This is a great country with a great many smart people, I was sure you knew. Our problems can only get much worse if you think so little of us, ‘n despite all the other things I should be doing I’ll be goddamned if I just sit here as you toss us so carelessly aside, we have been through far, far too much for that.

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