Tuesday :: Dec 22, 2009

Leaving Me Behind

by Steve

Despite the flowery rhetoric from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we're a long way from a health care reform bill, given that the House would have to swallow David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel's terrible handwork whole and pass it, just to prop up the administration. They won't, nor should they, because the bill crafted by Harry Reid with the White House's full blessing is a piece of crap that will be an electoral coffin for the party next year, all in a warped package just to give Obama something to crow about.

Any bill that treats women and progressives as expendable objects, that pisses all over consumer choice while requiring them to cough up 15-20% of their family incomes to the same companies that own the Senate and got us into this mess, that doesn't have reimbursement reforms in it, is a bill that doesn't deserve Democratic support just to save a presidential resume. Yet this is what Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel demand Democrats do, pass a bill that is too costly, without real teeth against the industry, one that is bad for the middle class and without choice, yet built upon the same flawed platform that needed serious reform in the first place.

With Obama as president, the Democrats now own the Afghanistan build-up with no clear exit strategy. The party is saddled with a stimulus package too timid to work, and is taking their cues from Wall Street on corporate reform. His White House is telling progressives and constitutional scholars to eat it over his whitewashing of Bush administration illegalities. And now we're being told to eat it once again over health care reform, as if he is all-knowing and we are simpletons. He isn't, and we're not. My support cannot be subservient to your need for talking points at the expense of principles, Mr. President.

Between Obama's bad policies and the deriliction of duty by congressional Democrats who have been bought by Wall Street, I see the Democratic Party leaving me. It wasn't supposed to be this way when Obama came in with his "new kind of politics", nor is the sad direction of the congressional Democrats a recent development. But with a Democratic president at the helm who had the bully pulpit to preach real reform, even a patient reform that took into account the need for gradual change in a time of economic uncertainty, much more was possible than what we have now. Yet he has squandered his political capital for deal-making without principles, lacking the guts to go after true enemies and those who got us into this mess.

If there was a progressive or Liberal Party option, I would peel off from the carcass of the Democratic Party to join it. Lacking that, I will simply re-register in 2010 as an independent rather than support a party and president who are Democrats in name only.

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