Tuesday :: Dec 22, 2009

Lump The GOP In With China

by Steve

If the president really intends to make climate change and the Copenhagen accord the next initiative of his administration after ramming through a flawed health care package, he could redeem himself somewhat by showing some guts and political savvy. Especially now that the GOP has been almost giddy today in announcing they will defeat him on his climate change efforts.

It is now being reported that China went to the Copenhagen talks intent on embarrassing Obama, and making him take the blame for their own actions to scuttle a meaningful agreement. Many of our European allies feel similarly that the Chinese and Indian governments, the major sources of carbon emissions aside from the US, never intended to reach an agreement on reductions, yet both of these countries are treated as valued allies by this administration.

Somehow, our vaunted State Department didn't seen these snubs coming in advance of Copenhagen.

I expect Saudi Arabia to stick it to us, because they’ve been doing it to presidents of both parties for decades. But to see China, India, and Brazil intentionally undermine an international climate summit, where other major industrialized nations were ready to commit to real targets, rankles me greatly. Yes, the Chinese own our asses, but that doesn’t mean they should continue to get most favored nation trading status from us, and be allowed to flood our country with their cheap crap and kill the planet at the same time. As for the Indians, their recent complaints about being second fiddle to the Pakistanis now ring hollow. And if Brazil wants to undermine an international climate change agreement to avoid making sacrifices, then perhaps we should boycott their Olympics in 2016.

Both the GOP and the Chinese now have something in common: they want no action on global warming and instead prefer to kill this planet for profit. Obama has a chance to show some guts and lump both into a devastating narrative about why the GOP has become China’s best agents in this country, both aligned against this country’s best interests at home an abroad.

It’s time for the president to call out enemies at home and abroad, and to do so in a populist way to reclaim his lost luster. But will he?

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