Wednesday :: Dec 23, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

You really must read Andy Serwer's summation of the Decade from Hell. Serwer is the managing editor of Fortune, so you know his perspective will have a financial focus, but he covers a lot more in his piece. But who's to blame for the mess we're in today? He says, "In large part, we have ourselves to blame. If you look at the underlying causes of some of the most troubling developments of the decade, you can see some striking common denominators." And he lists neglect, greed, self-interest and deferral of responsibility. But why didn't he assign any blame to the Bush administration for the things getting so f**ked up in the 'oughts?

Really, no Bush? Check out the piece. Bush wasn't named ever. According to Serwer, it's all you and me who created this mess.

When the movers and shakers of the world blame "all of us" for the sins of "some of us" you need to look at who they are trying to protect. And obviously, it would impolite to point out that some DFHs tried awfully hard during the 'oughts to warn about the dreadful decisions being made and to change course on the ship the Bush administration was charting. The fact that we ran into shoals was certainly to be expected when greed, self-interest and neglect were the watch-words of the guys in charge.

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