Monday :: Dec 28, 2009

Take It Seriously, Mr. President

by Steve

I understand why the president needs a vacation. But this White House is proving itself incredibly tone deaf politically if they think downplaying the president's response to the near-bombing is good optics against the backdrop of him playing golf in Hawaii.

Sure, the GOP is being hypocritical in bashing him over this, when they themselves have held up the confirmation of the TSA nominee, and when they themselves while in power did little to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations. But in truth, none of that really matters now, because this happened on Obama's watch. His Homeland Security secretary has already had to backtrack on the subject, because it's an empty claim that everything went well after the suspect almost blew up the plane.

There is no excuse for why the suspect wasn't immediately added to the no-fly list after his father turned him in. Yet Obama's State Department and DHS dropped the ball and failed to take the full measures necessary to stop this guy from boarding a plane in the first place. This one is on them.

When Bush was in office, we routinely blasted him for his screw-ups. Fairness dictates the same now Mr. President, and if you or your grossly overrated team can't see how bad it looks that your golf game is more important than getting a handle on this, then the Democrats will suffer.

If the public starts believing that Obama is just a little too cool on national security, the game is over.

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