Thursday :: Dec 31, 2009

Please Get A Life, Republicans

by paradox

Anybody with a lick of American good sense and fortune has the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, a blessed unofficial break for most Americans burdened with lousy wage growth, confining employer-based healthcare and the most workdays performed among the cloister of industrialized democracies on fenced out on the globe. Clean up after Christmas, pound off some extra weight at the gym, pay bills, catch up with friends, see a matinee, get reflective with firelight, you know, chill the fuck out. For everyone’s sake.

But no, some beyond galatically confused Nigerian failed to blow up a plane with his freaking underwear, for chrissakes, and that was it, the god damn Republicans and Dick Cheney came instantly hissing out of the woodwork to ruin the blessed holiday down time. No matter how pathetic the failure to terrorize or zero harm caused by some clueless dickwad it still didn’t stop wargasm Republicans from getting bellicose hardons about how to “fight” terrorism.

God, terrorism is so last decade. Beyond that it instantly emboldens the Republicans to ranting warmongers utterly sure in their convictions to keep liberals silent, do precisely the wrong thing and start blowing up children in faraway places. There were a great many things that bothered me in President Obama’s recent address about the need to keep at “war” in Afghanistan, but by far the most dreaded chilling moment was the reference to unity on 9/12.

Ah, the heady glorious days after 9/11, the blessed time forever to be yearned and strived for when the liberals had to shut up and actually did it. Ever since then, of course, the little people and liberals keep using the 1st amendment and messing with the brutal authoritarianism, so get Dick Cheney out there to rub their god damn terrorist-loving faces into the dirt, somehow they shut up that one time and we have to keep trying to have that happen again!

I fully understand every public utterance of Darth Cheney is a great thing for Democrats, the snarling fossil locks in a Democratic Congress 2010 with every moron word he utters, but to me it’s not remotely worth it to live through. The Democrats should earn their victories, and experiencing Dick Cheney or his incredible daughter could never be worth it, please, there’s the keg to get ready for tomorrow night!

All right, all right, we’ll take the cheap political payoff from the ranting Republicans among us, the week’s already been blown up anyway, right? Hopefully enough among really are taking care of the keg or whatever, anything to forget politics and have a carefree time.

I’ll be with family for a very quiet evening, waking up for the firecrackers at midnight, then going back to sleep so I can get up to read at 0400, which is the way I like it. Go Oregon.

How I hope whatever your plans are this New Year’s that they come to fruition with full blazing force or balmy quiet peace, whatever is called and wished for, absolutely, and that Dick Cheney never, ever interrupts our holiday week off again. We spent an unholy wreck of a decade with him in that snarling terrorism slot and we never have to again, praise to every atom in the expanding universe for that.

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