Sunday :: Jan 10, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Kevin made two points about Paul Campos' piece about the hysterical reaction to the attempted al Qaeda Christmas attack: 1) it is time to stop providing al Qaeda so much free publicity in their goal to terrorize us because it gives them more power than they really have or deserve, and 2) you can't tell people that that they shouldn't be afraid because statistically their chance of being killed by a terrorist is vanishingly small.

But I do wonder about the irrational fear that leads someone like NPR's reporter, Mary Louise Kelly, to confess that when she thinks about terrorists and their desire to inflict great harm on the USA, she thinks about moving her family to the South Pacific. My thought when I heard that was that she probably ought to rethink that as the threat of sea-level rising to drown coastal lands throughout the world has a much higher chance of affecting her family's well-being in the South Pacific than any random terrorist attack. Funny how that threat is given so little shift.

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