Tuesday :: Jan 12, 2010

Oh Yeah, Terrorism

by paradox

Instant humiliation, fully industrial-strength concentrated, a cringing hurricane of it is self-inflicted into America with just any attempt at terrorism here. The United States disgraces itself and the race with an incredulous level of fear-mongering, weeks of bombastic chest-puffing posturing of ridiculous aggressiveness and counter-charges of weakness that deliver nothing for the little people, herded into weary lines disgusting distrust and disrobement, full body scanners on the way, oh joy.

Now that our enablers of psychosis, the mainstream media, has seen fit to utterly fixate on Harry Reid instead of crassly manipulative politicians and their disgracefully transparent attempt to lock in viewers with fear, perhaps, just maybe, the country can look back at this latest totally stupid and ridiculous evolution of “terrorism” and demand real change in what kind of people we are when someone “attacks” us.

Who dares to call some seriously whacked out nut with allegedly explosive underwear a person worth more than five minutes cursory attention? Republicans, of course. The media doesn’t care how stupid and fear-inducing the debilitating charges are, they’re blasted forth in a cheap crass attempt at ratings and attention.

We’re at war! As Glenzilla reported, the refrain was endless and constant in rebuttal. Soon all the little people could hear was be afraid we can’t be safe! on one side and we’re at war! on the other. For weeks, over some idiot who did nothing with his pathetic underwear. This is the United States? This is what we built the greatest country the world has ever seen for, this asinine pathetic shouting, rife with fear and repression at the merest ripple of adversity the world can deliver to us? Jesus Christ.

The only bright spot in the shameful evolution was the polling that none of the embarrassing shouting and attention dented the good sense of the American people, the results consistently showed terrorism to be far, far down the list of life issues worth worrying about. The only real question in the whole issue, actually, is if our media and politicians will ever grow up and treat the issue correctly: a crime, many times a petty one by pathetic individuals, granted with enormous power only when given to them by the alleged victims.

I liked President Obama’s cool and measured response in all of this, although I would not have cut my vacation short at $4,000 Hawaiian a week digs for that underwear dude, I don’t think so. As always my complaint with the man is that he didn’t take the fight to the Republicans and nail them for being such whiny, craven, weenie fear-mongers who have the real potential to inflict serious harm on us all with an enabling lousy media.

Without that fight the Republicans will never change and neither will the sick dynamic we now find ourselves in, for Christ’s sake being at war! with Afghanistan and failure with underwear didn’t stop all the ranting and fear-mongering, only making the Republicans pay for such scurrilous behavior will cease it. I guess we have seven more years of yelling, fear-mongering and degraded American experience, for President Snowe, I mean President Lieberman, sorry, President Obama has determined such a task beneath him, a mere squabble that would harm the Republic.

The knowledge that with these current political and media players we’ll never learn our way out off pissing our pants with any event, no matter how small or pathetic, is the hardest to bear in our pathetic terrorism posture. This is not change, nor will change ever arrive. Great.

Many, many Americans used to approach flying with the precise wonder 4 year olds joyously take in much of the world. To have it robbed from them for no reason in this ridiculous nightmare is no small thing, life is hard as a busy American, and although the pain and outrage was well documented to what the flying experience has become this time, as always, there still was never any change, take those shoes off, weenie fear-driven American. Do it, goddamn you, we don’t care about your American experience or your one life with the planet, how fucking quaint, heh.

We need to move on from terrorism as a country, to gain a sense of balance and perspective about reaction to pipsqueaks who fail. Even David Brooks knows it, but very few others in our chattering DC bubble class of brother and sister citizens seem to realize Americans aren’t afraid, we’re disgusted with our freedoms being robbed at the airport, and that we need to grow up about terrorism.

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