Wednesday :: Jan 13, 2010

I’ll Pass on the Barf Bag Hearing

by paradox

The American political journalism corps—gossipy, inane, petty, deliberately insignificant—isn’t measured by the power of the stories it develops, but rather by the magnitude of issues it misses or ignores. Ten years into the new century by far their biggest accomplishment is ignoring the takeover of Congress by various monied interests: energy, insurance, finance, agriculture. I’ve written about this before, but journalists still have the most un-used quote of the century from Senator Dick Durbin from April of last year, regarding the relationship of Congress and the finance industry, still so very true to this very day: they own the place.

In precisely 16 minutes the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission of the United States Congress will start to take testimony from the finance industry, a ridiculous charade that was recently so accurately characterized as not even good kabuki. The saintly MeteorBlades of Daily Kos advises barf bags for tuning in, but I’ll pass, thank you very much, my stomach has gone to hell in these later years, I’m not kidding, there’s no way I’m risking a whole day of vomit for Congress, I don’t think so.

Digby of Hullabaloo is correct: only the most precise empirical deeds of real action that truly whaps back the finance industry in a variety of available fashions (taxes, fines, criminal sentencing, breaking up of companies) will ever be believed or paid attention to again, the lousy kabuki like today’s useless hearing that accomplishes nothing will be taken in with a stifled yawn, if at all.

The game is up, Jesus everybody knows it, Congress, has for a long time: you be owned, yap all today you want, everyone knows no change will be initiated or accomplished today. The Obama Administration has floated some trial balloons, the New Judy York Miller Times got all tough guy with their corporate brother big city cholos, there’s a pukey hearing by finance criminals that’s lousy kabuki, while the little people will get on with their American lives as best they can with what’s given to them by their corporate masters, as usual.

One gets so very tired of anger and outrage at the daily abuse doled out by a bought Congress, it’s absolutely no surprise so many citizens turn away from it or ignore it, sure that attention would only deliver fuming exasperation in their lives. That may very well be a wiser life strategy than paying political attention, I don’t agree, but I can really see that.

I would only wish for and state most emphatically to the bought members of Congress that indifference and inattention to your sickening little finance shenanigans this morning should never, ever be so foolishly perceived as acquiescence or acceptance to your putrid state of such transparently lousy acting. Folks will ignore the hearing for a variety of reasons—personally, I am in no mood to throw up—but never make the mistake the little people don’t know what’s happened or what’s going on with the finance industry and Congress. It was old laughably apparent news so long ago, still so true this very second: they own the place.

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