Friday :: Jan 15, 2010

Some Brief Notes

by paradox

/* As many have probably noticed I have begun posting once a day since the first of the year, but other duty took precedence this morning and very soon I must be in my roses, so there will be no political essay today. California’s drought is over, five days of rain are coming starting tomorrow, and I have put off cultivating chicken manure into 90 canes at two gardens, I must get busy outside very soon.

But Sunday morning I will be back with a weekly Letter from California, then five weekday essays, then duty for California on Sunday again. For a long, long time, things were resolved at Christmas.

/* Sincere condolences to the Republic of Haiti, mere words seem so inadequate for the horror inflicted upon your people. How I hope that somehow things begin to get better soon.

/* I’m glad so many leave comments at the site, but if you think it’s important I know something from the work please mail me, I don’t read the comments, haven’t for a long, long time.

People can be abusive lowlifes and get to me in a way I won’t put up with. I suppose I could but it’s not remotely worth it. I mean no disrespect to anyone, never, that’s just how I swim in the ether these days.

/* Good luck and best wishes in your recovery, John Cole of Balloon Juice. Please get better soon.

/* Good luck’n screamin’ best wishes to fellow Kossarians Angry Mouse, Hekebolos and exmearden in your front page status. I always love to see little voices reach the big time, I’m thrilled for you, thank you very much for the service to the community.

I finally get to see a movie this weekend, I think I’m playing it safe with the Clint Eastwood move. Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, seems pretty safe for some value on the dollar. I hate a wasted evening with a lousy movie.

Please have a wonderful Friday and weekend, Left Coasters. I’ll be back Sunday morning with the weekly Letter from California.

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