Friday :: Jan 15, 2010

DCCC Urges Stupak To Run For Re-Election? Not one cent!

by Turkana

It's being reported that DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen is urging Bart Stupak to drop his statehouse dream, and run for re-election, to Congress.

Kate Harding:

If Stupak doesn't run, there's a strong chance his seat will go to a Republican, and then what would happen? We might end up with someone representing that district who's 100% opposed to abortion, in favor of the death penalty, a champion of gun ownership -- even the kind of person who would be willing to sabotage healthcare reform because of his personal religious beliefs. That would be terrible! Oh, right

Jos, at feministing:

Because it matters if the person restricting reproductive rights has a D or R next to their name? Because the Democrats want to do the work of limiting abortion access all by themselves? Because it wasn't obvious enough there's no major party in the US willing to take a stand for women's health?

Jos quotes Jodi Jacobson:

There you have it, gals. The Democratic Party once again has your back.

To the firing squad.

I have a message for Chris Van Hollen and the DCCC: Not one cent!

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