Monday :: Jan 18, 2010

Wrap This Up

by paradox

After an excruciatingly long de-evolution of human defense of principles, cognitive ability and political technique the loathsome United States Senate finally, at last (but not after humiliating and utterly demoralizing the Democratic base) actually passed a healthcare reform bill. Then after a ridiculously lazy long solstice break somehow an absurd tax on benefit plans bloomed like a turdblossom in the evolution that had the leader of a national union understandably irate, while my stalwart pixel political heroes got in a fight about whether a disgusting disclosure issue from an Obama healthcare official was relevant or not.

Enough. Obama proponents of whatever y’all are calling this bill called healthcare, you are out of time. In every facet of common sense, every possible human calculation, in all political scenarios. It very may be that political disaster of the century if no healthcare bill passes, I can certainly see and agree with that line of thinking, but the fact remains that after the tax and disclosure tricks of the last week it’s easily seen and concluded the horrible, searing damage being done to the Party the longer this horrifying farce goes on. If we finally pass anything will it really have been worth it if half the base won’t vote and the rest are continually fighting with each other on how to best market political failure? Well?

It’s been said the shallow, malleable American electorate—enabled earnestly and continually by a lousy corporate media—has no politically useful memory, all manner of never minds! can be ludicrously inserted into any political calculation. My latest favorite is the Republicans becoming fierce defenders of Medicare, my, after forty years of vociferously trying to kill it, well, never mind! Anyway, if indeed this is the case the Obama Administration and Democratic Party better bless their lucky stars for it and pull the distraction game the rest of the term for all it’s worth, the less remembered about this disaster the better.

[I don’t think the American electorate is shallow and malleable, actually, far from it, but after the election of George Bush in 2004 we’re regrettably stuck with those applied labels for a long time.]

Oh have I said something wrong, something unforgivable, a monstrous political faux pas that weakens the holy political cause of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party by stating the obvious truths of this healthcare horror show?

Eat me. Obama proponents, you’re out of time. You’re out of tolerance. You’re out of stupid, disgusting tricks like inviting Billy Tauzin to the White House to lead your dicks around and not disclosing the hundreds of thousands of dollars the government paid to an official healthcare proponent. Don’t look at me, don’t get angry at my tiny self, brutal political reality is the driver of your discomfort, not the obvious truth everyone knows that I merely codify.

Furthermore, if the obtuse and incredibly stubborn Obama administration insists on employing this utterly ludicrous political ploy that somehow the President is on a “new” path above the old partisan “squabbles” of the past, well, let the flaming debacle of the healthcare evolution once and for all indelibly smash into everyone's minds how completely full of shit this thinking is.

We need a partisan, completely committed populist liberal president to pass landmark game-changing legislation. This nauseating aloofness to political reality that let a stinking, offensive idiot like Joe Lieberman be president for a day not only—of course—produced a terrible legislative outcome, it also enraged and disgusted good Democratic Americans like yours truly on a vast scale.

We’re stuck with Obama patty-cake to dangerous political freaks for seven more years, likely, it’s going to be very difficult but some adjustments can be made. At least we can learn as a voter base never to accept this shit again and what happens when we fool with it. Fighting partisans deliver for the little people, all else is bullshit.

For now, my dear Obama Administration of success and sweet base voter content, wrap this healthcare evolution up. Now. You’ve had your chance, we’ve all lived through the fun joyous times, and there’s always next year for some incremental improvements.

Again, don’t in the least get upset with me, y’all had 60 Senate votes, the House, a resounding Executive victory and a tailor made issue for victory in healthcare. It isn’t a betrayal of principles or Party to state the truth, it’s to fail with so many powerful success factors on your side and then somehow, with a straight face, say one has been above the “squabbles” --like the persecution of the Clintons was a squabble, oh yeah--of the past.

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