Tuesday :: Jan 19, 2010

When Bill O'Reilly Makes More Sense Than Sally Quinn

by Turkana

It may seem a small thing, but Sally Quinn is considered by many, and most particularly by herself, to be doyenne of Washington society. She's the Queen of The Village. And her idiocy has helped define the dumbing down of our national dialogue. So, when Bill O'Reilly, of all people, in an interview with Quinn comes across as the voice of relative reason, you understand just how deep the gutter has grown to be. As in a cavern.

Via digby:

As digby says:

Yes, that's the same woman who tried to drive a president from office for being sexually immoral.

This matters because Quinn is well-liked and respected, by many powerful pundits and politicians. She influences the influential. Despite her hypocrisies. Despite her vapidity. Or maybe because of them.

Of course, digby also wrote the best smackdown of Beltway idiocy I've ever seen. One of my favorite blog posts, anywhere, ever:

Who Do They Think They Are?

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