Wednesday :: Jan 20, 2010

Adios, Joe

by paradox

Briefly skimming over a number of reactions from last night’s debacle in Massachusetts I find this easily to be the most wise and beneficial political tactic to employ, the immediate heaving of that stinking, odious, manifestly obnoxious and disgusting Joe Lieberman from the Democratic caucus.

Healthcare and anything else important can go through reconciliation in the Senate, which of course should have been the attitude from day one. If the Republicans whine fight back with the righteousness of majority rule, why is this hard? Not only is that turd Lieberman no longer a factor, but those slimy dipzoid Senators like Nelson, Feinstein, Lincoln, and Baucus can no longer foul liberal and progressive objectives with their slimy Senate tricks.

If we’d chucked that useless offensive legislative body into the shitcan of history like the British did we wouldn’t be in this spot, now would we? Crusading for elimination of the filibuster is interesting, but it’s still much wiser and more effective to go unicameral like everyone else, simply get rid of the Senate.

Anyway, one would hope at least one iron truth of last night is always slammed home every election: a Party needs its motivated base to show up. Joe Lieberman discourages and crushes base morale like no other political variable out there right now, it’s not even close.

It’s bad enough his atrocious politics, sickening maturity level and stupid decisions inflict continuous harm on the Republic, but the real issue Obama and all the rest of those bubblelicious DC politicians can’t see—for what reasons I cannot ever fathom they themselves can’t discern, believe me—is how and why any Democrat would ever put up with him or caucus with him.

60 votes or no, for Christ’s sake, are Democrats supposed to have zero dignity, to always get on their knees for that slimebag of all time Lieberman? Jesus. We never, ever should have taken him back at the beginning of this session, it delivered absolutely nothing positive for the party, made us look like weak desperate political wannabees with victim issues, and then continually humiliated the base. Way to go.

Please fix that mistake and rectify some the reeking swamp of putrid American Senate politics. Kick Joe Lieberman out of the Senate caucus, only many good things would flow forth from such an obvious and common-sense tactic.

How likely is it that Obama would really follow such advice? Stranger things have happened. I don’t hold out much Hope™, actually, but one never knows.

It surely would be nice to cheer a good political move, I do so get tired of seething about whatever foolish or dumb move of the week that stumbles out of the Obama administration. I probably never would have taken up daily political writing had it not been for the Obama deal with the pharmaceutical industry over healthcare, that betrayal to the little people with Billy Tauzin gleefully pulling the trigger really, really tripped it, by the way. It’s one thing to be obnoxious fools, quite another to knife small Americans so brazenly after promising so forcefully to be precisely the opposite. No one ever shuts me up for decades after that.

Another thing, the pitiful political jaunts of our glorious Executive leaders have produced a foolish classification of pro and con Obama writers—Steve Benen of Washington Monthly is an Obama supporter, while paradox of The Left Coaster is not. Just absurd, I personally like President Obama and I’m crazy about Michelle, the issues are political tactics and goals. Furthermore, I’m positive it’s ridiculous to slot me in the same talent league as many “pro-Obama” writers like Yglesias, I’m not remotely that good, and I would like to be friends with such souls I like so much, not opposed in some absurd pro or con Obama stance.

Pass healthcare—at this point, just freaking do it—while kicking the foul carcass of Joe Lieberman out of the caucus and, why, I’d be singing Obama praises for weeks, it is assuredly so.

On a final note about Massachusetts, I’m reminded of a wise commenter writing last night at the Washington Monthly: we as a Party made a bad, bad mistake in setting expectations so high with new Democratic leadership in 2008, we were so sure Democrats could deliver. We should have put the bar on the ground and then watched them trip over it.

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