Tuesday :: Jan 26, 2010

Waving the White Flag

by Steve

Thankfully, others here have pointed out the folly behind the Obama administration’s spending freeze stupidity, but I have to go a step further and say this. Offering such a proposal shows a lack of conviction, principles, and spine by this White House and president. A week after losing one Senate race that should have never been lost, this president has put forward the most asinine proposal, one that undercuts the rest of his domestic agenda and undermines those in his own party who know we actually need to spend more on domestic needs not less. And worse yet, it has no real effect on the deficit and will harm economic growth.

You cannot argue for a second stimulus bill now if you just suggested that domestic spending was a problem. In fact, you cannot argue for any domestic need now if you just suggested a three-year freeze. You now have no domestic agenda left for the rest of your term. And those who argue for one will be blasted by the opposition for being out of step with their own president and for being extremist, thereby undercutting support for a second major jobs bill, which wouldn’t have been necessary if you had listened to critics in the first place who said you weren’t bold enough with your first stimulus bill.

This administration was close to health care reform and then backed away due to a lack of guts. This administration needed to be smarter with the first stimulus bill and instead listened to Wall Street and went soft. Now this administration hands the GOP a major issue this year, just because Obama spends more time fearful of the GOP and a newly elected male model from Massachusetts instead of taking the fight right at the GOP. He was so quick to listen to his GOP critics and run, but couldn’t be bothered to listen to his progressive allies.

Hillary Clinton would never have been this stupid or cowardly.

So long Mr. Obama. You deserve to be a one-term president, but unfortunately, you will take the Democrats down with you.

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