Wednesday :: Jan 27, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Finally, some good news on the progressive front: Oregonians (of which I am one) have voted to keep schools and public services funded. Interesting if you give people a chance to show what they believe is important, they will vote to keep investing in their essential services. And although this was called the "soak the rich" tax, I know a number of people who will be affected that voted to keep our schools open because they believe in investing in our future and our people.

Oregonians have voted against increasing state income taxes since the 1930s - the last time the country was in severe economic crisis.

Other states, facing similar budget woes, are watching the outcome closely because Oregon, after all, is a state that capped property taxes and locked a surplus tax rebate program into the constitution.

Maybe now the Administration and the Congressional Dems can stop being so silly? Please surprise me with your boldness.

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