Wednesday :: Jan 27, 2010

This and That

by paradox

My stomach flared into queasiness last night but yet again did not floor me, I’m glad to eventually be myself but it leaves me a tad scattered mentally, it’s been difficult. I do have a few items I think are important to discuss, so with a squishy political consciousness I will toss out a few tidbits and then call it a day on the author side.

/* John Cole of Balloon Juice ripped his shoulder apart good, he had surgery yesterday, the entire left blogostan consciousness sends you good vibes and wishes, please get better soon.

/* Tbogg lost one of his beloved hounds and the entire crew of The Left Coaster sends our most heartfelt condolences. [sigh] Life can be hard, damn, we hope this gets easier soon.

/* The scurrilous nature of our scumbag Senators knows no bounds, I actually have a real essay ready to go in my head on the fuckups but I just can’t rail on the Senate day after day after day. This time it’s the nauseating 50 votes for that Republican Bernanke, yet of course healthcare needs 60 votes. Then we all got introduced to the “consent vote” of the heinous budget kabuki commission, what in the hell is a “consent vote?”

It’s a disgusting dangerous legislative tactic, that commission, yet another way to play schoolyard games with our country. These idiots have lost all control of simple majority rule voting, too, they’re so democratically lost in space I fear for the future of the Republic, truly.

/* Glenzilla already nailed this, naturally, but the nauseating spectacle of “freezes” in the tawdry DC political mind that automatically leaves out Defense spending is a tragically outrageous element to our blasted Democracy.

America is overrun with militarism, this acceptance of it by Obama and the Democratic establishment has got to change. We’re half the country we could be, just imagine what we could do with $200 billion a year domestically for infrastructure while cutting another $200 billion out of the Great American Death Machine (security my ass).

/* No, I’m not watching the President tonight, I’ve got better things to do, like watching Modern Marvels or Battle 360. I’m tired of being lied to, I’m tired of failure, I’m tired of all the broken promises, yes.

Most of all, however, I’m sick of the ridiculous complete unnecessary aura to all of it, God, it’s not as if Obama gave up a spending freeze (for nothing) to a mighty political foe like Machiavelli or FDR or something. It’s just amazing, Obama negotiated this freeze all by himself to himself, the last I heard of it was from that chump he beat in the election, the Republicans never beat him into a corner over it.

The nothing political corpse no future Sarah Palin total fuckup Republicans, how is it possible to lose the initiative to those political cretins? How is it possible our leadership doesn’t believe in its ideas and people?

I don’t know. How I wish I did. We will all carry on as best we can, of course, I’ll see y’all tomorrow early with a real essay.

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